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Free Introductory Service

Start with a FREE Introductory service. Self-Registration: enter your domain name and you are set to go in no time!

Get a FREE Intoductory service, with 25 accounts, each having the 1000M mail storage quota.

Use it as long as you want, or switch to one of our commercial options later - effortlessly!

To start the services, you need a second-level company domain ("company.com" or "company.de", not "company.provider.com"), or a third-level domain in a "co." domain, such as "company.co.uk" or "company.co.jp".

You also need to create a DNS A-record for the newmail.yourdomain subdomain ("newmail.company.com", "newmail.company.de", "newmail.company.co.uk") and to point that record to the IP address to start the hosting service in USA, or to the IP address to start the hosting service in EU.

When your have completed your testing and all existing E-mails are moved to your new service, create a DNS A-record for the mail.yourdomain subdomain, point that record to the same IP address, and create a DNS MX-record for the yourdomain domain, pointing to the mail.yourdomain subdomain.

When your domain is created in the system, it is created with the newmail.yourdomain and mail.yourdomain aliases. Your users can use any of these names.

The system limits the number of E-mail messages an account owner can send or relay within a set period of time. Do not bother to create a service here if your business involves mass E-mail campaigns.

When the required DNS records are created (see above), type in your company domain ("company.com" or "company.de").

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This E-mail address will be used for administrative messages such as service notifications or password reset information.