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From basic Email to the most advanced Unified Communications available on the market today - we have you covered!

Pay only for the features you need today, and add new functionality as your needs grow - without any downtime or reconfiguration.

Administrator account owners can create, rename, and remove user accounts in their Domain(s), modify account settings and preferences, manage groups, forwarders, aliases, and mailing lists, specify domain-wide rules and settings.

Administrators can access their Domains via the secure WebAdmin Interface.

Retrieve and send Emails using any standards-based, POP3 or IMAP4 client, such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, and many others. Standard-based iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile clients are supported as well.

Send Emails using authenticated SMTP and 'submit' ports to bypass carrier blocking of standard SMTP ports.

Use the sophisticated and fast WebMail Interface to access Emails, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks, to change your password, to update your preferences, to set mail rules, etc.

Use a rich Adobe Flash-based communication client to enjoy desktop-quality communication environment in any browser, on any platform.

The top-of-the line client allows your to manage your Emails and Contacts, as well as optional features such as Calendars, Tasks, Cloud File Storage, and Newsfeeds.

Play music and video, browse photo albums, post messages on Twitter and Facebook - all from one sleek and intuitive interface.

Use native Android and iPhone/iPad applications to exchange instant messages, to monitor your buddies' status, and to access your Cloud File Storage

Your Email is filtered using the best scanning engines from leading security vendors.

Virus-infected Emails are rejected, other Emails are assigned 'spam-scores'. Depending on the score and account preferences, an Email can be discarded, stored in the Junk folder, or marked as 'SPAM'.

Create and manage standards-based Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts. Access and modify them using WebMail, Pronto!, publish/subscribe ICS clients, CalDAV and CardDAV clients such as Apple iCal and iCard, Mozilla Lightning, and other desktop and mobile applications.

Specify RPOP accounts to automatically copy your Email from other systems to your INBOX or other mailboxes.

Use any AirSync (aka Exchange ActiveSync) client on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices to synchronize your Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks.

Control the mobile device security settings and limit the devices that can access your accounts.

Configure your accounts so all or some incoming Emails are stored as encrypted S/MIME messages that only the account owner can read.

Use Pronto!, Pronto! Mobile, or any XMPP client to monitor your 'online buddies' status, and to exchange Instant Messages with local users and users of any other XMPP-based or SIP-based IM system, such as GoogleTalk, Jabber, etc.

Create and manage permanent and ad-hoc multi-user chatrooms. Configure IM notifications when an important Email is received, or when a scheduled meeting is about to begin.

Send Instant Messages as SMS messages to any cell phone in the world.

Store files in your account and have them always available, wherever you are, whatever device you have.

Mount your Cloud File Storage on your Apple, Windows, or Linux desktop using any WebDAV client software, copy files using FTP and TFTP software, access them using the WebMail, Pronto!, or Pronto! Mobile software.

Set the access rights and share files and directories with other users - both local and remote.

Use Microsoft Outlook® to access your Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes.

Download and install the CommuniGate® MAPI Connector to enable the native Windows MAPI interface to your account.

Employ additional functions and protocols such as LDAP, ACAP, RADIUS, PWD.

Use Kerberos and TLS Certificates for user authentication.